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The costs and benefits of using Structured Home Learning’s Curriculum Packs

Buying a curriculum pack is an investment in your child’s future.

We at Structured Home Learning are very aware of the financial pressures facing families and also the emotional pressure after possibly years of stress spent at school. We offer a range of packs at different prices and we can reduce delivery costs by combining two or three packs into one parcel. We also offer a discount for buying two or more packs at a time. The materials can be re-used for younger children in the family and we offer sets of consumable workbooks and new, named schedules at cost price.

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Our aim is always to have the welfare of the child at the centre of what we provide and we will discuss the specific needs with you to make sure that each Curriculum Pack is best suited to your child.

There is a wealth of home education resources available on the internet and choosing which provider is best for your family is difficult. It is important to know that you do not need to be a qualified teacher to home educate or to pay for tutors to come to your home. The legal requirement is that you provide a full education to meet the potential of your child.

A Book-based Curriculum

Our Curriculum Packs are book-based because we believe that using books develops research skills and gives an opportunity for your child to balance different sources. Some providers offer online lessons, and set and mark work. This is convenient for parents, but we believe that the most effective education is through the relationship of the parent, as facilitator, and their child. Our Curriculum Packs use textbooks based on the National Curriculum and the Weekly Schedule provides a programme of study and record of work closely referenced to the National Curriculum subject descriptors. If you do not feel confident in teaching the subject material you can add the teacher guides to help with marking and assessment.

Everything you need to teach the year’s work is contained in the pack. You won’t need to buy any other textbooks as supplements, just pens and paper!

Complete Curriculum for £7.50 a Week

Our Complete Curriculum Packs for the primary years, which cover a whole year’s work in English, Maths, Science, History, Geography, ICT and Art cost only £389. That’s £7.50 a week.

The most expensive Curriculum Pack we provide – costs £599, which averages under £12 a week. If you can re-use it later for a younger child, it’s even more cost effective!

We try to keep costs as low as possible because we know many families struggle. We will not lower the educational value of the materials but we do try to reduce other costs where possible. Our overriding aim is to give parents peace of mind in the planning and resourcing of their child’s educational life.

Most parents have enough life experience and background knowledge to help their child navigate each learning stage. Your relationship is the key to success. Our materials make the day-to-day experience straightforward, freeing you to concentrate on what matters most - the happiness and growing self-confidence of your child.

Written 4th July 2018 by Lindsay Brown