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Are deliveries affected by the Covid-19 pandemic?

We wanted to assure all our customers that we are continuing to provide a full service despite the Covid-19 virus. If you have any questions or need any help, please email us and we'll respond as soon as possible, seven days a week while the social distancing regulations apply.

Our warehouse is fully stocked, and we can despatch most Curriculum Packs within 4 days of order.

Our couriers are providing a full service, observing social distancing regulations. They will give you the option of Signature Release, meaning that you can allow the courier to deliver your shipment without insisting upon a signature. This makes it all the more important that the mobile phone number and email address you give us on your order is accurate.

Customs authorities around the world are impacted in different ways by the pandemic, and the situation is changing daily. Our couriers will do their best to continue to get shipments to destination countries as normal, but you should anticipate additional delays before shipments are released from customs authorities for onward delivery.

We will keep you up to date as the situation develops, but please be assured of our commitment to maintaining our high level of service.

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Do you provide answer books in your Curriculum Packs?

We provide answer books for Maths in all Curriculum Packs. The textbooks we provide are written to match your child's intellectual age, and all the necessary information is contained within the book. Teacher resource books are available for many subjects and year groups, and we can provide them on request, but they are generally very expensive, and are largely devoted to classroom management.

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How can you help if my child has a specific special need?

Many parents choose to educate their children at home because they have a particular special need which has not been adequately addressed in school. Children with Asperger's Syndrome, dyslexia, dyspraxia, dyscalculia, ADD or ADHD need a quieter working environment where instructions can be phrased in a more helpful way. We have contacts with a number of specialist publishers who produce excellent materials for these special needs.

At Key Stage 3, children with learning difficulties need to have learning materials which are appropriate to their chronological age. They don't want to feel "babied" just because they find something difficult. We can include textbooks for English, Maths and Science designed for children who are working two or three years behind their age which are visually stimulating and age-appropriate, but are written in a simpler style.

At Key Stage 2, the Maths scheme we use spans three years of ability on each page. Curriculum Packs in each year group allow you to choose Maths, English and Science at a year above or a year below if you wish, giving a range of plus or minus two years in Maths.

English and Science gradually become more difficult over the four years of Key Stage 2, but skills are revisited regularly. If your child is particularly gifted in English or Science, or finds academic work very difficult, you may choose to increase or decrease the year level of these two subjects.

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Can I re-use a Curriculum Pack for my younger children?

The materials in our Curriculum Packs can be re-used for your younger children and, if you wish, we can supply you with a fresh set of workbooks and print you a new personalised schedule of work at a nominal price.

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How long does delivery take?

We aim always to have everything in stock and to despatch your order within two weeks. Curriculum Packs and other large items are sent by DHL and we will email you a tracking number upon despatch. Delivery to UK addresses is usually by the next working day, while international orders may take 3 to 5 days to arrive in the destination country.

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What does each Curriculum Pack contain?

Structured Home Learning COMPLETE Curriculum Packs contain everything you need to educate your child. Primary COMPLETE Curriculum Packs cover all the subjects of the primary National Curriculum except Religious Education and ICT, that is, Maths, English, Science, History, Geography, and Art. Secondary COMPLETE packs contain scheduled Maths, English, Science, History and Geography.

Our Primary ENHANCED Curriculum Packs also include Classical Music, Cookery, and an encyclopedia.

Our Secondary ENHANCED Curriculum Packs also include Classical Music, Cookery, Art Techniques, an encyclopedia and a selection of Shakespeare plays on DVD.

The ESSENTIAL Curriculum Packs for each Year group contain all the materials necessary for the core subjects of English, Maths and Science. From the bewildering choice available, we have chosen the very best materials for each subject appropriate to your child's development.

All Curriculum Packs include a daily schedule of work for the whole year, breaking down each of the constituent subjects into manageable tasks.

Sample list of contents for a Year 3 Curriculum Pack

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What if my child needs to be challenged, or needs extra help, in Maths or English?

You can customise any Curriculum Pack to your child's particular needs at no extra cost, by choosing from the options available for each core subject at the point of ordering. By learning at the right level, your child will increase in confidence in core subjects where they have difficulty, whilst being able to tackle more challenging work in those core subjects in which they are strong. This is the greatest liberation from the classroom context: Your child can learn in each subject at the speed at which they are most comfortable. Our Maths scheme has three levels of ability in each session. Your child's understanding can be reinforced or extended as appropriate.

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When can I start to educate my child at home?

You can start whenever you wish. You don't have to wait until the beginning of a school year. Your child's particular needs will dictate which Curriculum Pack you start with, and how the pack should be adapted.

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How much do the packs cost?

The prices of all our packs are as follows:

Pre-school Development Pack £179
*New* Foundation Stage Pack - - £439
Year 1 Pack £309 £409 £439
Year 2 Pack £309 £409 £439
Key Stage 1 Pack £559 £759 £809
Year 3 Pack £309 £409 £439
Year 4 Pack £309 £409 £439
Year 5 Pack £309 £409 £439
Year 6 Pack £309 £409 £439
Year 7 Pack £419 £569 £639
Year 8 Pack £419 £569 £639
Year 9 Pack £419 £569 £639
IGCSE® English Language Pack £309
IGCSE® English Literature Pack £359
IGCSE® Mathematics CORE Pack £259
IGCSE® Mathematics HIGHER Pack £259
IGCSE® 20th Century World History Pack £269
IGCSE® Geography Pack £379
IGCSE® Biology Pack £289
IGCSE® Combined Science Pack £309
IGCSE® Coordinated Sciences Pack £549

You can pay by credit or debit card, by cheque drawn on a UK bank, or by bank transfer.

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Can I pay for Curriculum Packs in instalments?

Unfortunately not. All of the books in our Curriculum Packs cover a whole year's work, so all of the value is delivered to you all at once.

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What do you provide for core curriculum subjects at primary level?

Maths: Each primary Curriculum Pack contains textbooks which cover each of the National Curriculum topics - Number, Money, 2D and 3D Shape, Data Handling and Measure.

English: The English scheme covers Comprehension, Writing Composition, Grammar and Punctuation, Spelling and Handwriting.

Science: The Science study book covers the National Curriculum.

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What other subjects do your COMPLETE primary Curriculum Packs cover?

History and Geography: Each Curriculum Pack contains textbooks covering topics suitable for your child's age.

Art: We provide Art textbooks suitable for each Year group, which over time give your child experience in a number of different media.

In the ENHANCED pack, each year also has a different classical music CD.

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Can't I just buy textbooks in the High Street?

If you want to be sure you're covering all the subjects in sufficient depth, you really need to be looking at textbooks from the top publishers. Books available in High Street bookshops are intended more for revision or extra practice, but lack depth and progression.

We use Pearson, Harper Collins, Nelson Thornes, and specialist publishers for Science, Maths, Geography and History.

We specifically select those materials best suited to the home education context. We then develop a work schedule for an entire year of study which ensures balance, progression and coverage of the National Curriculum.

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Year 3 pack contents list

Example: The Year 3 COMPLETE Curriculum Pack contains:

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