Structured Home Learning - SHL

Home schooling may be one of the most rewarding things you can do for your child.

School does not suit every child, and there are many good reasons to teach at home: problems with the school such as disruptive classes, bullying, and your child's particular needs not being adequately met. You may be going abroad for a year or two, or you may be thinking of taking your children on the adventure of a lifetime around the world.

Whatever the reason, we offer comprehensive, fully timetabled plans personalised to your child's specific needs and abilities PLUS all the educational materials for each year from birth through Foundation Stage, primary, and secondary all the way to GCSE.

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Using our considerable teaching experience, we choose the most suitable and up-to-date materials from the best educational publishers, from which to build a balanced curriculum for your child, saving you the time researching resources and all the worry of planning.

Our Curriculum Packs give a comprehensive and balanced syllabus which closely follows the National Curriculum for England, and all our packs have been updated for the new academic year.

Each Curriculum Pack contains all the resources and planning for a full year's work, and our new Pre-school pack covers the first four years. We have a range of Curriculum Packs for Foundation Stage and every Year group in Key Stage 1, Key Stage 2 and Key Stage 3, with particular help for Gifted children. And when your child is ready to choose GCSE subjects, our IGCSE Study Packs can be studied over two years, or over 18 months or even in one year.

You won't have to spend another minute looking for learning materials on the internet or in the shops.

We also offer a wide range of other educational resources and study packs to enhance your child's learning.

Home schooling is so time-efficient.

Using our packs, you'll be able to complete the scheduled work in the mornings, leaving the rest of the day for developing other interests, going on trips, or socialising with other home-schooling families.

And just so you know, you won't hear us talk about home schooling or home school anywhere else on this site, because we feel that the phrases home schooling or home school suggest an attempt to recreate a school environment in the home, when that's the exact opposite of what we would encourage you to do!

We always prefer the term home education. All children have an innate love of learning, but for many children, school is the problem. As a home educating parent, you have the exciting opportunity to arrange your environment, your learning materials and your time to maximise that love of learning, with the freedom to respond to your child's interests and aptitudes as only you know how.

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