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Will your children be going back to school in September?

Covid-19 may have caused you to think again about home education.

Most school-age children have lost months of classroom contact, and despite the best efforts of their teachers, many children have been left to download insubstantial worksheets without much structure.

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Parents who have contacted us are asking themselves whether their children have properly completed their school year. And if they haven't, what problems might this cause in September? They are also concerned about the motives behind the push for schools to return, and that such a return may not be definitive: there may be a second wave of Coronavirus variant infection, leading to local lockdowns and more school closures.

If nothing else, the Covid-19 lockdown has turned thousands of parents into home educators. For some, that has been a good experience! You now have a pretty good idea of how your child would adapt to education at home. For many, it just doesn't work, while others need encouragement to stay on task. And for some, it will be what they always wanted education to be – a voyage of personal discovery and development of which they can take ownership.

SHL can provide a structured pack for a whole school year which allows your child to catch up with lost work and launch themselves into their new Year group, using a day-by-day study schedule which you can adapt to your family commitments. We give you the best publications from the best educational publishers, which cover the whole National Curriculum in all subjects. A year of structure, stability and calm for your child while the country makes its stumbling recovery from the pandemic, whether you choose to take your child out of school or not.

Parents have also told us that they face financial uncertainty in the coming year, so we have decided to discount all our curriculum packs by 10% until the end of December.

Have a look at what we offer, and please contact us if you have any questions.